Thursday, June 26, 2008


Caden peed and pooped in the potty all day yesterday!! He only had 1 accident! What a BIG boy!! I'm hoping he'll be fully potty trained by the time he turns 3 in sept.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My CVS deals today
20 soy joy bars
1 colgate total tooth paste
I did 2 separate orders - my out of pocket total is .64 and .59

Then I went to publix. I got $55 worth for $12. It said I saved 71 dollars.

4 bags of meow mix cat food
4 boxes of berber chicken
8 boxes of pizza for one
4 bottles of ketchup
6 boxes of fruit snacks
2 pasta
1 apple juice
1 cereal

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CVS Week of June 15th

Cvs Last night.
2 Sally color quick nail - 7.99 - get $5 ebc each
Total out of pocket after coupons and EBC - .75 cents

Order number 2
It got alittle messed up because they were out of stock on some stuff I had planned for.
2 sally color quick nail - 7.99 each - $5 ebc
Almay Mascara - 6.99 each - $5 EBC
Tylenol - 4.49 - $2 ebc
(also not pictured, Hefty garbage bags - 6.99 and 2 liter spirte - b1g1f at 1.69)

Total out of pocket after coupons and extra bucks - $7.25


I had to run into Publix to get some milk and juice. While I was there, I noticed they stocked up on some items that I had a raincheck for.

I got 6 bags of meow mix catfood and 3 bags of beneful dog food for 4.46

Think I have enough cat food?? They need to make good dog food deals!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I bought a shelf from Lowes using the $10 off $25 when you use your visa card. I organzied all my stockpiles because I just had it in bags piled up in the closets. This stock pile pics arent including cleaning supplies and pet supplies. I have a big storage container that I keep in the laundry room full of cat/dog food.

Toliet paper and Blood Meter Tester

Various Beauty and home supplies

This bag is full of makeup - I need to get a basket or something to put these in.

My Family!

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been so busy! We decided to get me a new car since my truck was about to had it. So we spent the weekend looking and test driving cars. We decided to get an 2008 Honda Civic
When I got back home, I decided to go out and do my CVS deals. I did 3 separate orders.

1 - 8 pack of Bounty - 5.99
2 - 9 pack of charmin - 4.99
2 listerine mouth wash - 3.49
2 speedstick deodorant - b1g1f - 3.49
2 duracell battries - 2.99

After coupons and ebcs - I paid $1.48 got back 16.48 in EBCs

2 pampers pullups - 7.99
2 CVS qtips - 3.99
2 CVS Bandaids - 1.99
2 OneTouch UltraMini - 19.99
1 bottle of water - .99 cents

After coupons and EBCs I paid $1.57 and got back $17.98

2 oral B toothbrushes - 6.99
1 CVS cotton swabs - 3.99
1 spiderman flipflops - 3.99

After coupons and EBCs I paid $1.25 and got back $15.98