Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Riteaid Deal

I went by Riteaid today to get the Wahl Trimmer and get 2 more huggies diapers so i can fill my quota to get the free diaper voucher (rebate #800)

Order #1 -
1 Wahl Hair Cut Trimmer - $24.99

Used the following coupons - $5/$20 Riteaid Video coupon, and $10 Video coupon.
Total was $11.39. I will get back $5 in SCR (#72) and will mail it in for a $5 rebate.

Total was $1.39 which was tax.

Order #2
Huggies Pure and Natural - $8.99
Zegerid - $10.

used the following coupons - $5/$20 Riteaid Video coupon, $2 Zegerid coupon, $3 Zegerid in ad coupon, $2.50 Huggies coupon. I also used a $2 and $2 +up rewards from a previous transaction last week. My total was $3.47 but I got back $7 in +up rewards for the Zegerid plus $2 +up reward for the huggies. And It counts towards my 5 pack needed for #800.

Order #3
Hair color - $8.99
Huggies Diaper - $8.99
Pampers Cruisers - $8.99

used the following coupon - $5/$20 riteaid video coupon, $3 Huggies coupon, $3 pampers coupon, $8.99 free item coupon for the hair color and $7 in +up rewards from the previous transaction. I paid $1.52 oop. I got back $2 in +up reward for the huggies and will get back $2 SCR for the pampers(#47) as well $2 SCR for the huggies (#42). Plus i filled my quota and will get a riteaid coupon for a free pack of huggies.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

my stockpile

I figured I would show you pictures of my "store" This is set up in the stairway area that goes from my upstairs to the basement. I have a door that goes into the basement that you can see in the left of the pictures. I have 2 sets of shelves and I also have a big rubbermaid thing with drawers to hold the awkward/not easy to store items.

This is a shot of the school/office supply drawer.

Razor drawer.

Makeup and toothpaste/toothbrush drawer

chapstick drawer
This is stuff thats on the floor since I have no room on the shelves for this.

Top shelf is paper supplies and cereal

food shelf.

more food shelf plus a few other little things.

bottom shelf is misc things

cleaning supply shelf

Medicine and various beauty supply shelf

Diaper Shelf

overall shot. The door going to the basement is to the left and I have a storage closet on the right that goes under the stairs. That holds all of my Christmas stuff.

over all shot.shampoo, body wash, deodorant shelf.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My deals last week

I didnt do much deals last week, just 2 stores. 1st off I stopped by CVS because they had Sobe on sale BOGO and I had BOGO coupons from here so that made 2 bottles for free! I got 24 bottles of sobe for .18 cents!!

Next I went to Riteaid

ReNu - $7.29
Crest Toothpaste - $ $2.49
No Doz - $5.99
Oral B Toothbrush - $5.99
Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner - 2/$7

Used a $5/$20 Riteaid Video coupon, $2 ReNu Video coupon, $2 MQ ReNu Coupon, .75 cents Crest toothpaste MQ, $3 Oral B toothbrush MQ, BOGO pantene MQ, $2 MQ pantene, $1 No Doz MQ. And I used $10 +up reward from a previous transaction last week.

Total oop was $1.68.

I got back $2 +up for the crest toothpaste
I got back $2 +up for the pantene
I got back $4 SCR for the Oral B
I got back $5 SCR for the No Doz
I got back $7.29 SCR for the ReNu.

Thats a total of $18.61 profit!!