Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Bargins

I went out tonight after DH came home from work. I went and got a pedicure and then hit CVS and Publix which are right next to each other.

Order #1
2 tides - 5.99 each - used a .35 cent coupon - got back $4 in EBC
Crest toothpaste - $2.99 - used a $1 coupon - got back $1 in EBC
2 johnson and johnson buddies shampoo - on clearance for 1.90 - used a $1 coupon for each
qtip clearance to .70 cents
and I got 2 sobe life water - $1 each - used a .50 cent coupon for each - got back $1 EBC when you buy 2.
Twix bar - not pictured, already eaten :)

OOP - .74 cents and got back $6 in EBC

I thought the sobe life water was 1.49 so thats why I only got 2. But then I saw it was $1 each so I used the $1 ebc that I gotten and did 4 seperate transaction, got 8 more bottles, used 8 more .50 cent coupon and rolled the $1 EBC, only paid .5 cents for 8 bottles! Not BAD! I've never had them but for that much money, I'll try them!

I then went to publix. They were out of a couple things so I got raincheck for them. I got a raincheck for 20 bags of meow mix. For .25 cents a bag I'll stock up!! I didn't take a picture of all my bargins but the best one is pictured.6 packs of GE energy smart lightblubs for just under $2 bucks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Its been a busy week! Monday we finished up our big project. Which was a swing set for the kids. It took us a month an half to finish this thing!

We still have 2 small projects to do. I bought a patio swing for adults to sit on, and a sandbox came with the swing set so I'm going to put that together sometime this week hopefully. I've spent today working on the yard, trimming the bushes, picking up trash from the storm drain, etc. I also cleaned out my truck as it needed it BAD!

We had a pretty good storm last night. It rained and lightening alot. There was also some hail with it
Yesterday was Hubby's birthday so we had a good dinner and I made a cake for him. Tomorrow is my birthday, but I have to cook anyway :) We have company coming over this weekend so we will do a cookout for memorial day. I hope everybody has a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This has been a busy week! Its my daughter's last week of preschool so I've been busy attending to her school functions, including her graduation program last night. She did soo good! So today is the 1st chance I've been able to do my deals for the week.

I stopped by CVS did 2 separate orders.

order #1
Crest Prohealth toothpaste - $3.99 - used a $1 off coupon
Oral-B Vitilizer - $17.99 - Used $4 off coupon

Total after coupons and EBCs - I paid .37 cents. Got back $10 in EBCs

Order #2
2 johnson and johnson baby products - on sale 2/$5 - used $1 off coupon on each
Colgate toothpaste - 2.99 - used a $1 off coupon
Intuition Razor refills - $9.99 used a $4 off coupon
reeses pieces candy - .50
charm blow pop -.25
bottle of sprite - $1.39

After coupon and EBCs i paid .51 out of my pocket. Got back $8 in EBC

I then went to Kroger and I bought my total down from $140.xx dollars to $41.72 dollars. I saved 71% or $101.85

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all the moms and mom to be out there! I had a great day! I slept in until 10, then woke up to hubby making me breakfast. Then I just lazed around, clipped coupons, browsed the ads. Then we went to longhorn steakhouse for an early dinner with my parents. I had a ribeye steak with loaded baked potato and me and the kids split an brownie sundae. YUM!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


2 freestyle meters - $10 with $10 ebcs (I donate them to the nursing homes)
Gillette shampoo/body wash - $3.99 with $2 ebc
5 assorted Revlon makeup/beauty products - $2.99-$9.99 - got back $20 EBC
2 kiss nail glue - $1.99 each got back $5 EBC when you bought 2.
4 assorted mother's day card (not pictured)

I spent .67 out of my pocket and got back $47 in EBCs

Publix - Wed

I went to publix this morning while I was out running my errands. They are having awesome deals on some stuff! I was able to get all of the following for $6.60 out of my pocket after coupons.
8 boxes of live active cereal - b1g1f
4 boxes of smart taste - b1g1f
4 packages of ground beef - price ranging from $2.75-$3.25
4 boxes of lipton tea bags - $1.03 each
banana and onion

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today is May 1st, so that means a new monthly book at CVS! Of course I went 1st thing this morning, well, after I dropped off Kayla at school. It was about 930 when I got there.

I got the following
2 colgate 360 toothbrush - $3.99 - I had $1 off coupon
1 orapik traveler set - $2.99
3 aquafresh toothpaste - $2.99 - I had $1 off coupon
3 CVS allergy med - $3.79
2 Tums QuikPak - $4.69 - had $2 and $2.25 coupon
3 Adidas Deodorant - $4.99 - had a free coupon for 1
2 blowpops - .25 cents each (not pictured)

After coupons and EBCs I paid $1.33 and got back $55.46 in EBCs