Monday, March 23, 2009

Yesterday's Deals

There wasn't nothing major happening at CVS or Walgreens this week. But I went out anyway to get a few things and go to Publix.CVS Order #1
Hefty Trashbags $6.99
Hefty trashnags $6.99
Crest Toothpaste $3.49

Used a $5/15 cvs crt, $1 off Hefty coupon, and $1 off Crest Toothpaste and $5 ECB, and $5 ECB. My total was .64 cents and I got back $3.49 for the crest.

CVS Order #2
Crest Toothpaste - $3.49
Used an .50 cent coupon, and $2.99 ECB. Paid .04 cents out of pocket and got back $3.49 ECB.

Walgreens Order
4 - Glade Impressions $7.99 (raincheck)
Fusion Razor - $8.99
Schick Razor - $8.99
2 - Domino Sugar - $3.49 (not pictured)

Then they had a bunch of Crayola stuff on clearance so I picked some of it up for easter baskets and for road trips. (not pictured)
$2.59, $2.59, $2.59, $2.39, .75

Used the following coupons
$2 - Wags Domino Sugar Coupon
$4 - Wags Schick Razor Coupon
$16 - Wags Impression Coupon - $4x4
$7.99 - Impression BOGO coupon
$7.99 - Impression BOGO coupon
$4 - Fusion Razor Coupon
$4 - Schick Razor Coupon
.35 - Domino Sugar Coupon
.35 - Domino Sugar Coupon

I used the following RR's $6, $6, $1, $1, $1.

My total was 10.56, I paid part of it with the W card Rewards I had and Paid $3.06 OOP. I got back $4 in RRs for the Fusion Razor.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I just recently joined and I love it!! I've only been on there for a week or so and I've already redeemed a $5 gift card to I will build these up and use them at Christmas time!! Its very easy to use, just search stuff through there and build up referral friends and its an easy way to get free gift cards. Go check it out!


Friday, March 13, 2009


I went out to Walgreens tonight to do some more deals and I did GREAT!!! To start off with, I had 2 $10 RR that I put onto a GC because they were part of the Huggies deal and If I paid for the Huggies deal using that, Then I wouldn't have been able to get the $10 RR. So I just got 2 cheap fillers and put $20 on a GC. So that order only cost me .13 cents.

Order #1
Perfect 10 - $5.69
Nice n Easy - $2.19
Nutrapals - $2.69 x 4

Tombstone pizza Clearanced to $1.29 x 2
Cafe Steamers Clearenced to $.87 x 2
Red Baron Pizza (not pictured) $2.50 x 2

Michaelina Meals Clearanced to - $.25 x 2
CornDogs clearanced to - $.50 x3

Huggies Diaper - $10 x 2
Huggies Wipes - $6
Orajel clearenced to $1.09
Sambucol - $12.99
Gamer Razor - $8.99
Crest clearanced to .95 cents
Skinimate Gel - $1.99
Trident Gum clearanced to - .65 x 2

My total was 58.39 after all the coupons. I then got back $16 in various RRs.
When I was looking over my receipt I noticed some errors like when the Perfect 10 got scanned, it rang up $13.99 when there was a price tag of $5.69. She didnt void out that order, just scanned it again for $5.69. So I got back $14.97 for that. Then I noticed it only took off $2 for the Pedisure Bars, when It was supposed to take off $8 dollars total. So I will get back $6 for that also.

So 58.39 minus the $20 GC minus the $16 in RR i gotten, minus $14.97 refund, minus $6 refund, minus $2 W card rebate. This entire order made me a profit of .58 cents. Now when I got home, I noticed the cashier didnt use 2 of my coupons of $1.75, but I'm not going to make a deal out of that. And I will send it in for a caregivers rebate so I will get $3 on that. So thats a profit of $3.58 so far!! Not bad!!2nd order
Huggies Wipes $6
Huggies Diaper $10 x 2
After coupons, my total was $14.82. I got back $10 in RR and I forgot to use the RX huggies coupon, so she gave back $2 for that. So my total was $2.82. I will send this for a $3 rebate at caregivers marketplace so thats a profit of .18 cents! Love it!!!

The Week Of March 8th Deals

I went out bright and early Sunday morning to do all of my deals before the Sunday crowd.
I stopped by CVS and Walgreens.

Order #1
Secret Deodorant - $3.99
Crest Toothpaste - $2.99
Vaseline Lotion - $3.69 x 5

Used the following coupons, 5 x $1.50 Vaseline Lotion coupons, $2 Secret Deodorant Coupon, and $1 Crest Coupon. I used the following ECBs $10, and $5. I ended up paying .66 cents out of my pocket. I got back the following ECBS - 5 x $2 for the Vaseline Lotion, $1 Secret, and $2 for the Crest for a total of $13 in ECBs.

Order #2
Vaseline Lotion - $3.69 x 5
Crest Toothpaste - $2.99
Secret Deodorant - $3.99
Garnier Hair Color - $5 x 2

I used the following coupons 5 x $1.50 Vaseline Coupon, $2 Secret coupon, $1 Crest coupon, and 2 x $2 garnier coupons and the following ECBS $1.98, $2, $3, $4, $4.99, $4.99. I paid $1.92 oop. I got back the following 5 x $2 for the Vaseline Lotion, $1 for the Secret Deodorant, $2 for the Crest and $5 for the Gariner.

Walgreens Order #1
Dove Soap Raincheck for .99 cents x 8
Total is $8.47 got back $10 in RR

Rinse and repeat again.
Order # 3 at Walgreens

5 x $7.99 for the Sense and Spray Glade Air Freshner.
1 x $12.99 for Sambocol (not pictured)
4 x $2.99 Garnier products
2 x $10 Huggies Diaper
1 x $6 Huggies Wipes
Total is $90.90

Used the Following coupons
$4 x 5 Walgreens Glade coupon
$10 x 1 Walgreens Sambocol Coupon
$2 x 4 Walgreens Garnier coupon
$5 x 2 huggies diaper coupons
$1 x 1 Huggies Wipe Coupons
$4 x 1 Sambocol Coupon
$1 x 3 Garnier Coupons
$4 x 5 Glade Coupon

My total after tax was $12.70 and I got back $10 RR for the Huggies promotion.

Order #4 at Walgreens
6 x $2.99 Garnier
2 x $10 Huggies Diaper
1 x $6 Huggies Wipes

Used the following coupons
$2 x 6 Walgreens Garnier coupons
$1 x6 Garnier coupons
$5 x 2 Huggies Coupons
$1 x 1 Huggies Wipe Coupons

total was $18.02 and I got back $10 in RR for the huggies.
Order #5
$10 x 2 Huggies Diaper
$6 x 1 Huggies Wipes
Used a $10 RR from the Dove Deal, 2 x $5 huggies coupon, and $1 Huggies wipe coupon. My total was $6.82 and I got back $10 in RR.

Order #6
$10 x 2 Huggies Diaper
$6 x 1 Huggies Wipes
Used a $10 RR from the Dove Deal, 2 x $5 huggies coupon, and $1 Huggies wipe coupon. My total was $6.82 and I got back $10 in RR.

Order #7
$10 x 2 Huggies Diaper
$6 x 1 Huggies Wipes
Used a $10 RR from the Dove Deal, 2 x $5 huggies coupon, and $1 Huggies wipe coupon. My total was $6.82 and I got back $10 in RR.

Now in the middle of this trip, I put the 3 $10 RR that i had gotten from the previous Huggies order onto a Walgreens Gift Card so thats How I was able to pay for some of my purchase. I ended up paying $33.xx oop, I ended up with 3 $10 RR, and I was able to get $3 put onto my W card for purchasing an $30 GC. So thats Pretty much free right there. The best part, I can send it in to the caregivers marketplace and I will receive $9 in Huggies Rebate. So thats a profit of $9 right there!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was bored earlier and figured I would add up my totals so far. This is for all stores that I shop and and spent money at

Total Value of Merchandise - $2175.40
Total amount spent - $ 521.62
Total amount in store rebates - $127.78
Total amount in mail in rebates - $26.49.

So after rebates I've only spent $367.35 since Jan 1st 2009! WOOT

Almost Free Meat!!

If you have a SuperTarget near you, RUN!!! They have an $2 coupon on Sutton & Dodge meats and this week they have it on sale for $1.99 a lb. So Here is a picture of my buy, I will probably have DH stop and get some more on his way home from work tomorrow.
I got 5 packs of steaks for $3.xx OOP! Not bad!! Some of the steaks are HUGE so me and DH will split one.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Misc Ramblings

I know I haven't posted much in the last week or so. I've just been busy with everyday stuff. Here are some of the deals that I did in the past week or so. I am not going to post all of them but hopefully starting tomorrow I'll get back into the swing of things.

This is a picture of my find at CVS. The 10 pc nail set was .49 cents each! I got 6 of them. I'll use some for gifts and some I'll put in my yard sale.

Next is a deal at walgreens... Here is a partial picture of the deals. I got 8 dove items, 6 of them are .99 cent trial size deodorants and 2 are trial size soaps at 1.19 each. The deal is when you buy 8 dove products, you will get a $10 RR. So thats a profit right there! I also got the Sambucol and its $12.99 and I had a $4 coupon and there is a $10 ESC so thats a profit of $1.01 per box.

Here is another picture of my dove deal. These are trial size soaps thats $1.19 but the cashier put them all for .99 cents. So the total was $8.xx oop and I paid with a $8 RR and I got a $10 RR. I love deals like this!

At walgreens the Axe is $5.99 and the Allgery Meds are $3.99 so thats $9.98. And i paid with a $8 RR and will get back $9.98 in rebates, plus another 10% on my W card.

I'm having a yard sale on April 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. I've been spending the last couple of days pricing and bagging stuff up so I can take it over to my friend's house where we are having the yard sale at. This is only a 1/3 of what I bagged up and priced so far. I worked on it last night and I had bought a pack of 300 dots to price them, and they are gone. I'm working on the 2nd pack right now and I hope theres enough!!

Here is my pile of priced and ready to go stockpile. I've got a big tote full of stuff and I also have 3 21 gallon totes full and of course all the bags piled around it.

This is a pile from my shopping trip on sunday. I havent taken any pictures yet or sorted it out. I'm hoping to get it sometime today or tomorrow so I can get it uploaded and posted on here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It was snowing all day yesterday..... in march..... in GA!!! Crazy!!! Here is a shot of it about 5 hours of snowing. It was still snowing till about 10pm. The schools are closed today, Travis was planning on staying home today anyway for the adjuster to come out tomorrow.

There is my car in the road. I went to town yesterday morning before it all started and i got back home and it was starting to snow heavy. I wouldn't dare to drive my car down my driveway. If anybody knows what my driveway looks like, they would've understood!!