Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello Everybody!!

I'm Back!! I'm sorry to be gone so long without updating! I've been busy busy busy lately!! I had a yard sale April 3rd and 4th. Made $950 dollars!!! WOOT!! Then I went on a road trip to visit family while my daughter was out of school on spring break. Then I discovered that I'm expecting #3. Which was a surprise!!
So today is the 1st time I've been able to back into the swing of things and get my deals going again. I went to Riteaid and Walgreens today.

Walgreens Order
2 - Pringles - $2/3
1 - one a day vitamin - $1.49
2 - Dawn Soap - .99 cents
1 - Edge $2.99

I used the following coupons
2 - .50 off dawn
1 - $1 off one a day vitamin
2- $1 off Pringles

Used a $3 RR and paid $2.97 on a GC. Then the RR for the edge didn't print out. So she just refunded my price of $3.20. Which was .03 more than I paid. And Sure enough, the RR popped out so she let me keep that! So profit of $3.03! Plus the ESR of $1.49 for the One a Day vitamin.

Next was Riteaid
Huggies Pullups - $8.99
Claritin - $9.99
sudafed - $7.99
Bengay - $6.99

Used the following coupons
$2 - Riteaid sudafed coupon
$7 - Clartin Coupon
$3 - pull up coupon
$1.50 - Sudafed coupon

spent $22.84 on a GC from previous rebates.
Will get back $11 in SCR. I forgot to use a $5/$25 so i'm going to go back in and see if they would refund me the $5.