Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I've been busy all week getting things ready for the upcoming consignment sale at Tyke, Tots and Teens consignment.  This is an event that gets held 2 times a year.  I've been hanging and tagging all the clothes K and B has outgrown.  I'm saving all the clothes C has outgrown for B to fit into.
I will be working all day on Sunday the 4th along with a friend that will be splitting the shifts with me so we can get to keep 80% of our sales.  If I work a couple more hours then I can keep 85% but I don't feel like it! 16 hours is enough for me.  

I've spent several hours on Monday after school having my 6 year old help me find the backs to all the toys.  His latest obsession is taking the backs off everything to get the batteries.  I was looking through B's toys that he's not playing with anymore and noticed the backs gone on most of them! UGH! But I'm glad i'll be able to get some big toys out of my living room, yay!  It sucks having a birthday and Christmas right near each other because the toys for my youngest seems to explode. 

I've got several more things i need to finish tagging and getting ready for the sale.   Then hopefully tomorrow morning I can have hubby help me transfer things over from the fall sale that I can put in the spring sale.  As it sits right now just on the stuff I've entered yesterday, I'm up $650!  gotta love money!  This will go towards spending money for our upcoming Disney Trip.  YAY!  Can't wait!  Excited!


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