Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is here!

Spring has come early this year!  I love spring time!  The warm weather and the way everything is starting to grow back (minus the pollen).  This past weekend I got stuff at Lowes to work on prettying up my yard and porch area.  I will tell you one thing, I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening or planting flowers.  They ALWAYS die on me.  But it doesn't stop me from trying every year.
I don't do anything fancy, just a couple planters filled with flowers and some hanging plants.  I had some extra leftover flowers so I decided to put them around the mail box.  This weekend I'm hoping to get some mulch from a local place and put it down in this area between my house and the sidewalk.  Its a big area and I do not put anything in there except for the bushes that is already there and mulch.  I've tried to put flowers in there but the way my yard is, the rain drains right there so it always saturates the plants and kills them.  So I've decided I'm just going to do mulch.
I'll post a before and after picture once I'm done.   Hubby will have to go spray the yard to kill all the dandelion and weeds before the grass starts growing.
I'm also hoping to hire someone to come and pressure wash the siding of my house.  It hasn't been cleaned in like 5 years since we lived here and it's starting to look a little dirty.


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