Thursday, July 19, 2012

Huggies Deal!

I came across a deal where Kmart had the boxes of Huggies Diaper at $5.99 each!!  That was a steal!  I took the ad and price matched it at my local Walmart.

  I got 9 boxes of huggies diapers for $5.99 and 6 packs of huggies wipes.  I was planning on using 9 - $2 huggies coupons but they refused to let me use my coupons and price match.  I also had coupons for free wipes when i bought diapers.  So I only paid $58.51 for everything.  If I were allowed to use my coupons, it would've been $40.51!!  That's a steal!   After I read the coupon policy at, I'm going to print it out and take my coupons and receipt back up to walmart and explain that I can use coupons and price match.  

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