Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Target Toy Clearance

Tomorrow is the day that every couponer looks forward to!  It is the annual July clearance sale at target.  Where all the toys goes 70% off to make room for all the new toys for Christmas.  This is my favorite time of the year because I can stock up cheaply for my kids birthdays and Christmas.  I love having my kids opening and seeing all their gifts and I know that I didn't pay full retail price for them. 

Christmas 2012
With 3 kids, gifts get expensive!!  Add that in with being invited to birthday parties for classmates or family/friend's children.  I love how I can just go into the gift closet and pick out something and it won't break the bank.  I end up in the long run giving a nicer gift that looks like it cost more but didn't.

So if you have time tomorrow or Friday, go to Target and check out the toy aisles for clearance items.  But I warn you, It might be best to get there early in the morning to get the best choices.


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