Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Its been a busy week! Monday we finished up our big project. Which was a swing set for the kids. It took us a month an half to finish this thing!

We still have 2 small projects to do. I bought a patio swing for adults to sit on, and a sandbox came with the swing set so I'm going to put that together sometime this week hopefully. I've spent today working on the yard, trimming the bushes, picking up trash from the storm drain, etc. I also cleaned out my truck as it needed it BAD!

We had a pretty good storm last night. It rained and lightening alot. There was also some hail with it
Yesterday was Hubby's birthday so we had a good dinner and I made a cake for him. Tomorrow is my birthday, but I have to cook anyway :) We have company coming over this weekend so we will do a cookout for memorial day. I hope everybody has a great weekend!

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