Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Bargins

I went out tonight after DH came home from work. I went and got a pedicure and then hit CVS and Publix which are right next to each other.

Order #1
2 tides - 5.99 each - used a .35 cent coupon - got back $4 in EBC
Crest toothpaste - $2.99 - used a $1 coupon - got back $1 in EBC
2 johnson and johnson buddies shampoo - on clearance for 1.90 - used a $1 coupon for each
qtip clearance to .70 cents
and I got 2 sobe life water - $1 each - used a .50 cent coupon for each - got back $1 EBC when you buy 2.
Twix bar - not pictured, already eaten :)

OOP - .74 cents and got back $6 in EBC

I thought the sobe life water was 1.49 so thats why I only got 2. But then I saw it was $1 each so I used the $1 ebc that I gotten and did 4 seperate transaction, got 8 more bottles, used 8 more .50 cent coupon and rolled the $1 EBC, only paid .5 cents for 8 bottles! Not BAD! I've never had them but for that much money, I'll try them!

I then went to publix. They were out of a couple things so I got raincheck for them. I got a raincheck for 20 bags of meow mix. For .25 cents a bag I'll stock up!! I didn't take a picture of all my bargins but the best one is pictured.6 packs of GE energy smart lightblubs for just under $2 bucks!

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