Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here is a picture of my "store"

My Wipe deal
This shot is of the pile of cat food and paper towels. On the floor is bags of baby food and BBQ sauce, mustard, ketchup, chocolate syrup, etc. The bag thats hanging on the shelf is just full of makeup.
My diaper deal from Walgreens in the last two days!!! WOOHOO!!! I only spent 30 bucks maybe 40. But I was able to put $25 of the RR onto a Walgreens gift card so thats what i used to continue getting more diapers for nothing out of my pocket. I ended up with $80 in RR for me to use at publix!!
11 packs of newborn, 6 packs of size 1, 3 packs of size 2, 12 packs of size 3, 13 packs of various size girl pullups, 13 packs of various sizes of boy pullups, 12 packs of size 6, 8 packs of size 4, 3 packs of size 5s.. SOOOO 81 packs, not including the 4 packs i gave to maria earlier.

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