Thursday, September 4, 2008

I started off with $20 in a Walgreens Gift Card...

I got 12 bottles of crest mouthwash $4.49 got back $4.50 in RR
I did this all separately and every 4th one i put all the RRs back onto a gift card but I had to get filler items.
Glade plugins - $4.79 x 3 - used a $4 off coupon on each
Glade plugin gels - $1.99 x 3 - used a $1 peelie that was on each package
Gatorade - $1.79 x 2 - used a Walgreens B1G1F coupon.

Total out of pocket cost was $8.62 but I will get back $6 in rebates and I have $18 on my walgreens gift card :)

Next stop was Riteaid.

Meads Comp. Books .33 x 12
papermate pens - .50 cents x 4
Bic pens - .50 cents x 4 (they price adjusted the bics since they were out of the papermate)
Oral B Stages toothbrush - $2.99

Total out of pocket cost after coupons was $1.28 and I will get back $2 in SCR so Profit of .72 cents!!

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