Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long Post!

I was out running errands all day and did all my deals.

1st off - mail call! I got 3 different coupons for free items, Cool Whip, Bread, and Cherrios.
1st stop, walgreens!

Did 5 seperate orders... each cost $4.49 + tax. Got back $4.50 RR so FREE!

Then I turned around and used those $4.50 RR and bought 4 bottles of gatorade (b1g1f) and 3 scotch tape and a $20 Gift Card to Walgreens. Spent $3.27 out of my pocket.

Next Stop - CVS

Dawn Dish Soap - 99 cents x2
Colgate Total Toothpaste - $2.99 x 2
Kiss nail glue - $1.99 x 2
Outlast Lipstick - $9.99 x 2
Wetslick lipstick - $5.99 x 2

Used a $1 coupon on the dawn, b1g1f coupon on the covergirl makeup, $1 off colgate toothpaste, and $2/10 CVS Q, and an $11.98 in ECB. Got back $14.99 in ECB. Total out of pocket was $1.37

Next Order was Suave!
Each item was $2, so for a total of $12, used a $2/10 CVS Q plus 2 - $2 off manu Q, and a $5 ECB, total was $1.35 and got back $4 in ECB

Next is Riteaid

5 - Meads Compostion Books - .33 cents each
6 - Papermate Pens - .50 cents each
Mega pack of luvs diaper - $9.99
Used a $1/2 Papermate pen coupns x 3, $1.50 Meads Compostion Q x 2, $5 Luvs Q
Total out of pocket was $5.14 and I will get an $2 SCR.

Next is Publix. I didn't take a pic of everything that I bought but these were a good deal. Lenders Bagel are b1g1f, and there was a .75/1 so that made each package about .25 cents each. Not bad!

While I was gone, a friend of mine got these for me since the coupons came as I was leaving town. Kroger had kleenex on sale .88 cents, I had .50 cent coupons so doubled, it was free! I got 62 boxes for 2.92 (which was the cost of the coupons)

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