Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pictures of my store

Here is a current picture of my store. its OVERFLOWING!!!Top Shelf - Hair Styling Products and Deodorants
2nd shelf - Shampoo/conditoners
3rd shelf - Body wash stuff and Candles/air freshners
bottom shelf - Pads, Tampons, Mouthwash

Top shelf - Cereal, Diapers, blood Meters, Toliet paper
2nd shelf - Various foods, and cleaning supplies
3rd shelf - various food, baby stuff (wipes, body wash, etc), and meds.
Bottom shelf - Various food, pet food, baby stuff, dishwashing stuff

*Edit - I have stuff in bags on the floor that I havent sorted and put away yet. They are from this week's deal and I still need to take pictures and post.


Gaylene said...

OMG Nicole! You are amazing! I want to be like you when I grow up, lol. You have to teach me your tricks :) xo-G

NicoleakaMama said...

Thanks G! If you need any help, just feel free to email me or IM me. I would be happy to help you figure things out until you are ready to venture out on your own :)