Friday, March 13, 2009


I went out to Walgreens tonight to do some more deals and I did GREAT!!! To start off with, I had 2 $10 RR that I put onto a GC because they were part of the Huggies deal and If I paid for the Huggies deal using that, Then I wouldn't have been able to get the $10 RR. So I just got 2 cheap fillers and put $20 on a GC. So that order only cost me .13 cents.

Order #1
Perfect 10 - $5.69
Nice n Easy - $2.19
Nutrapals - $2.69 x 4

Tombstone pizza Clearanced to $1.29 x 2
Cafe Steamers Clearenced to $.87 x 2
Red Baron Pizza (not pictured) $2.50 x 2

Michaelina Meals Clearanced to - $.25 x 2
CornDogs clearanced to - $.50 x3

Huggies Diaper - $10 x 2
Huggies Wipes - $6
Orajel clearenced to $1.09
Sambucol - $12.99
Gamer Razor - $8.99
Crest clearanced to .95 cents
Skinimate Gel - $1.99
Trident Gum clearanced to - .65 x 2

My total was 58.39 after all the coupons. I then got back $16 in various RRs.
When I was looking over my receipt I noticed some errors like when the Perfect 10 got scanned, it rang up $13.99 when there was a price tag of $5.69. She didnt void out that order, just scanned it again for $5.69. So I got back $14.97 for that. Then I noticed it only took off $2 for the Pedisure Bars, when It was supposed to take off $8 dollars total. So I will get back $6 for that also.

So 58.39 minus the $20 GC minus the $16 in RR i gotten, minus $14.97 refund, minus $6 refund, minus $2 W card rebate. This entire order made me a profit of .58 cents. Now when I got home, I noticed the cashier didnt use 2 of my coupons of $1.75, but I'm not going to make a deal out of that. And I will send it in for a caregivers rebate so I will get $3 on that. So thats a profit of $3.58 so far!! Not bad!!2nd order
Huggies Wipes $6
Huggies Diaper $10 x 2
After coupons, my total was $14.82. I got back $10 in RR and I forgot to use the RX huggies coupon, so she gave back $2 for that. So my total was $2.82. I will send this for a $3 rebate at caregivers marketplace so thats a profit of .18 cents! Love it!!!

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