Thursday, August 27, 2009


I got 3 pedialyte for $1.39 each. Used a $1 walgreens coupon on each so brought my total down to $1.25 for 3!

Funny story.... I love putting walgreen managers in their places!!
they had a new coupon book that they put in my bag yesterday and in it was $1 off pedialyte. They had the bubble gum flavor on clearance for $1.39. So I went by this morning and got the rest of what they had which was 3.
The coupon wouldn't scan. So he proceeded to tell me that coupons don't work on clearance price items. I tried to explain to him that it don't matter if its on clearance or not, i'm purchasing this item, i should be able to use the coupon.
he was like it wont work, so i cant take it off.. So I was like okay, do you mind if i go back and get another kind of pedialyte that isnt on clearance? he said okay. so he rang it up, tried to use the coupon, surprise surprise, it didn't work!
so he had to manually enter the coupons.. HA!

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