Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Riteaid Deal

I went by Riteaid today to get the Wahl Trimmer and get 2 more huggies diapers so i can fill my quota to get the free diaper voucher (rebate #800)

Order #1 -
1 Wahl Hair Cut Trimmer - $24.99

Used the following coupons - $5/$20 Riteaid Video coupon, and $10 Video coupon.
Total was $11.39. I will get back $5 in SCR (#72) and will mail it in for a $5 rebate.

Total was $1.39 which was tax.

Order #2
Huggies Pure and Natural - $8.99
Zegerid - $10.

used the following coupons - $5/$20 Riteaid Video coupon, $2 Zegerid coupon, $3 Zegerid in ad coupon, $2.50 Huggies coupon. I also used a $2 and $2 +up rewards from a previous transaction last week. My total was $3.47 but I got back $7 in +up rewards for the Zegerid plus $2 +up reward for the huggies. And It counts towards my 5 pack needed for #800.

Order #3
Hair color - $8.99
Huggies Diaper - $8.99
Pampers Cruisers - $8.99

used the following coupon - $5/$20 riteaid video coupon, $3 Huggies coupon, $3 pampers coupon, $8.99 free item coupon for the hair color and $7 in +up rewards from the previous transaction. I paid $1.52 oop. I got back $2 in +up reward for the huggies and will get back $2 SCR for the pampers(#47) as well $2 SCR for the huggies (#42). Plus i filled my quota and will get a riteaid coupon for a free pack of huggies.

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