Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is my middle child's birthday.  He was born 6 years ago.  I can remember it just like it was yesterday.  On Sunday the 11th, I was 4 days overdue.  I had to go into labor on my own because it was a VBAC.  The midwife couldn't give me anything to start my labor due to the risk of placentica abruption.  My midwife had done everything she could at that point.  I've been taking vitamins that would soften the cervix, midwife stripped my membranes to try to get the contractions started.  Nothing was working.  So I decided to take some Castor Oil.  It was the nastiest thing I've ever taken.  I had mixed it with some juice.  I went to bed that night and woke up in the morning with some mild contractions.  They weren't strong or close together yet.  So Hubby went to work and I stayed home. 
Throughout the day I was having some good contractions so I called my midwife and she told me to go on in to the hospital where she can monitor me.  I got there Monday evening.  She checked me and the baby out and said that the contractions weren't close enough yet.  She had me walk around the maternity ward for an hour to see if I could get them closer together.  When she checked me an hour later, she said that I was having contractions but just wasn't close enough yet and that It would be a while.  She gave me the option of going back home or staying overnight.  I chose to stay overnight.  So we got all checked in and settled in for the night. 
About 3am, Tuesday morning I woke up to my water breaking.  I knew this was the start of it and that he would be coming soon.  I slept on and off since the contractions weren't extremely painful yet. Morning came and spent the day walking around a a little, bouncing on the ball to try to get labor going.  By afternoon the contractions were getting stronger and stronger so I got an epidural.  BEST DRUG EVER!  By this point.  I was only dilated a couple centimeters.  My labor was going to be slow and long!  Evening came along and still no baby.  midnight rolled around and the midwife was getting concerned since it was almost the 24 hour mark of my water breaking.  She was afraid of infection setting in and harming the baby.  I was only like an 7 cm at that point.  The bad part was the epidural wasn't doing its job correctly and I could feel EVERYTHING.  I had begged for more drugs and even threw the button to dispense the medicine across the room and said "This damn thing isn't working"
About 3:30am I told my midwife that I was done.  Just take me back for a c-section.   She decided to check me one last time and surprise surprise, I was complete and ready to push.  By this point, I was in labor for 45 hours!  I would have pushed for a a little over an hour.  But at 5:15am, Caden came screaming in the world.  When he came out, everybody was SHOCKED at how big he was.  Everybody started guessing on his weight before they weighed him.  He was 10 lbs 2oz. It took the nurses like 10 tries to get his whole feet on the pad to do foot prints.

I can't believe he's 6 years old today!  I hope he had a great birthday.  I can't wait to hear about his day when he gets home from school.
Here he is on his 1st day of Kindergarten and today at school during snack time!

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