Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Awesome Find at Riteaid!

Last Friday I had $20 in + up rewards expiring and was planning on using them on paper towels and toilet paper because I couldn't find anything good to "roll" them.  Right before I left for the trip into town, I decided to check Refundcents to see if anybody posted anything good that I can get while I was out.  Someone posted about Riteaid.  The Borghese nail polish was on sale buy 1 get 1 50% off.  There were select colors that were ringing up $2!  So 2 bottles of nail polish is $3.  Which is not a bad deal itself.  But the best part is... there was an Single Check Rebate for every bottle you bought, you earned $4.   The offer was unlimited which is rare itself because its usually limit 1-2.  So for every 2 bottles I bought, earned me $5!  So I bought all 10 bottles they had left, as well as other little stuff to reach my $20 goal so I can use my + up reward that I had expiring.  And I got back $40 in SCR!!!

This people - is why I LOVE couponing!!  :)


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