Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Its never too early to think about boy costumes

Its never too early to be thinking about Halloween!  This year we will be going on a vacation shortly before Halloween.  When I get back, I do not want to be thinking about running around stores to try and find a Halloween costume for all 3 kids. 
So I had the chance to do a review for a wholesale costume club, I jumped on it!
Right now Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are all the rage with my boys and every little boy out there, including my husband. :)
I remember when I was younger watching these shows with my brother and now they recently came out with a movie!  My kids are dying to see that.  They have been watching old shows on amazon prime.  My husband is thrilled that a favorite childhood show of his is back!  Just another excuse to be a kid again.  Have you checked out all the TMNT shows?
I was looking around at wholesale costume club and came across a whole section just about ninja turtles!  I knew my 4 year old would love this!!  I ended up going with Leonardo.  It shipped very quickly and was here within a few days. I was very pleased.
My 4 year old was thrilled to see this when I opened up the package.
I am a ninja turtle!!
Isn't he cute!?  I had gotten a size small which said was (size 4-6) for ages 3-4.
I was worried it might be too small or too big but its just perfect!!  Its a tad bit big, but I know in the fall when weather starts getting cool, he will be wearing more clothing and I know he will grow a little bit between now and then. 

Here is the back of the costume.

It gives you an option to stuff the shell, here it is stuffed (small round pillow).  I think I might just leave it empty because I honestly can't tell that much of a difference between it stuffed and not stuffed.  Plus the added weight was a little heavy for him.
Here what it looks like with the shell removed.  It has velcro across the shoulders to attach it.  It was very easy to put on and off. 
The costume has velcro on the back and it ties in the back like a sash.  It also has removable padded knee and elbow pads.  All he needs now is a sword and maybe a pizza!!  I might look around for a plastic one for him to use trick or treating. 


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