Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family Fun!

We went to a local corn maze place yesterday with a friends of ours.  I have to say that I was disappointed in the location that I chose.  Do NOT go to Colonel Cob in Oxford, GA!  Waste of money!!  All they had was a slide and a bouncy house where the kids played on it for a few minutes.  The "Go-Carts" which was just a big modified version of a pedal cart, they only had 2 available and the other 2 were broken and just sitting on the track.  The corn maze itself was pathetic, there was no real "maze" just a bunch of trail and broken corn stalks. It was just very very small and just not worth the money. 
But I think I got some decent pictures of the kids.  Here are a few.

Caden and Kayla on the Hayride

Braden throwing Hay
Kayla going down the slide
Caden going down the slide
Inside the "petting zoo"
Braden running around

This is Seven, friends of ours baby that went with us last night.

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Angella said...

Yes I agree, that place was terrible. At least we know Sev would have hated it no matter what!! Good pics of the kids!