Monday, March 31, 2008

Great Weekend!

I had a great weekend and Monday with my shopping! I went out Saturday with a friend so I could try to teach her how to be a better shopper. :o)
1st we went to CVS where I got the following
Nilla Wafers and Oreos on sale $2/5
Cottonelle toilet paper for $5.99
Playskool Wipes for $7.49
Johnson & Johnson soap for .99.

After my coupons and EBC - I paid .30 out of my pocket and then I got back $5 EBC.

We then went to another CVS and they finally had their toothbrushes in that was $4.99 and you get $4.99 EBC making it free! So I picked up 2 of those and paid .12 out of my pocket. Then got $9.98 EBC.

Then we went to Publix because I had BJ Coupons that were expiring that day. I had gotten a cart full of stuff but I'm not going to list what I got. But I paid $13.63 out of my pocket. Then as I was walking out, I forgot to give the cashier one of my coupons and 2 of the items I got rang up wrong. So I went to customer service and they gave me back $9.46 so I end up walking out with a cart full of stuff for only $4.17. Not Bad! Before the refund, It said I saved 81.06, so its even more after the refund.

Yesterday I went to Kroger because they were having an AWESOME sale. Where you buy 10 items for various prices, then you get $5 off your order. Well I had used up a lot of my crescent coupons and cinnamon roll coupons, and ended up getting most of it for free! I walked out paying 50 dollars out of my pocket which isn't bad for all the stuff I got. I must say it was a different feeling than the day before at Publix. I don't think anything would beat that deal right now!

Now, today I went to CVS and Target and Ingles before I had to pick up Kayla.

CVS - in 3 separate orders.

Order #1
2 Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner - $4.29 each
1 Garnier hair color for $7.99
2 packs of Trident gum for $1.19
After my coupons and EBC - I paid .25 out of my own pocket.
Then I got back $5 EBC

Order #2
2 dish soaps -.99
1 fantastik spray - $2.99
2 scrubbing bubbles - $2.99 each
1 shout spray - $2.99
1 Windex cleaner - $2.99
1 Cascade dish detergent - $5.49 (I needed some, not part of the EBC)
After my coupons and EBC - I paid .57 out of my pocket. I got back $5 EBC.

Order #3
2 Maybelline Mineral Makeup - $7.99 each
After coupons and EBC - I paid $1.33 out of my pocket. I got back $5 EBC.

After CVS, I went to Target and they had their Easter stuff on clearance for 90% off.
I got all of the following for $10.03. I'm saving some for stocking stuffers or birthday gifts.

On the way to pick up Kayla, I stopped by Ingles because I had a raincheck that was expiring soon. I got 12 bags of Birdeye Steamfresh B1G1F and had $1/2 coupon and 2 loafs of bread. I paid $8.72.

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