Sunday, March 9, 2008

Publix deals

Every Sunday I go out and do my bargain shopping while my husband stays home with the kids. That way I can take my time and don't have to be rushed or worried about the kids.

I just discovered that my Publix takes competitors coupons. Which is GREAT! I walked out with...

9 - 12 packs of pepsi product - on sale 4/$10
5 - boxes of hamburger helper
2 - boxes of taco dinner kits
1 - publix bleach
2 - Jars of Ragu

I used 8 - $1 off pepsi products printable from Target
1 - free coupon for diet mt dew when you buy 4 mt dew products. (this was a peelie at publix)
a .50 cent off 2, and .75 cents off 3 boxes of hamburger helper
Publix bleach was a penny item this week so It only cost me a penny for it.

I spent 20.44 and saved 41.40

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