Monday, March 10, 2008

My day

My day was a little hectic. I woke up about 6 this morning and fell back to sleep and I end up oversleeping and didn't get up till 815. I'm usually out the door about 830 to take Kayla to school. I had to go to an WIC appt and then I stopped by Kroger. I got the following...

4 boxes of GM cereal
2 boxes of fruit gushers
2 boxes of cereal and milk bars
and a bottle of children's cough/cold med.

I spent $9.31 after coupons and savings.

I came home and had lunch and then I had to go back out for my daughter's dentist appt. While I was out, I stopped by Publix on the way home and got the following...

8 - 12 packs of pepsi products
2 covergirl mascara
2 covergirl nail polish
1 publix brand oatmeal
2 packs of M&M's

Spent $13.96 and saved $40.60

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