Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Sick...

I'm still sick today but life goes on, no rest for this mom. A friend of mine took Kayla to school and is going to bring her back home for me. I appreciate that so I don't have to worry about getting ready and going out. I spent the morning cleaning up some. I'll finish up tomorrow and friday.
I was looking at the Publix ad for this week and they are having some awesome deals!! I can't wait to go in there and get these great bargains! I got my coupons all ready to go. I'll probably end up going on sunday, but it will all depend on what my mom wants to do this weekend.

A contest for Philly Soft Breakfast. You can play everyday till March 20th. I haven't won yet. It includes a basket, 2 coffee mugs, 2 spreaders, and coupons for free bagels and cream cheese.

Philly Contest

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