Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last week in April

I can't believe that its almost may! Where did the time go?? I had to take my 4 year old to get her registered for kindergarten. I can't believe that she's starting kindergarten this fall. :(
I went to CVS and Publix yesterday while I was out. I only took a picture of CVS stuff but not Publix's this week.

Got 9 rolls of scotch packing tape 3/$5
Ped Egg - $9.99
Hair coloring - $7.99
After Coupons, EBCs and Gift Card - I paid $2.92 out of my pocket and got back 12.99 in EBCs

Afterwards, I went to publix
6 - boxes of eggo waffles - b1g1f
3 - whole fruit sorbet - b1g1f
1 - publix sweet tea 1/2 gallon
2 - covergirl nail polish

Spent $7.78 out of my pocket

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