Monday, October 13, 2008

I borrowed this idea from a friend of mine. What it is, we contact 100 products and see if they will send any coupons. I'm up to 30 so far, its hard coming up with products!!

Emailed Companies

Huggies - recevied 2 - $1 off coupons
Huggies (again under travis's name) sent an email thanking me
Birdseye Volia - Recevied 2 Free product coupons
Bertolli - says will send free product coupons
Tide - sent an email thanking.
Ziploc - says will send a free coupon (got 10/11)
Tidy Cats - says they will send coupons
barber foods - says they will send coupons
breyers - sent an email thanking
edys - sent an email thanking
classico - says will send coupons
pledge - says will send free coupon (got 10/11)
glade - says will send free coupons (got 10/11)
mayfield ice cream
Ragu - says will send coupons
Muellers - says will send coupons
intution razors - says will send coupons
pepperridge farms - says will send a free product coupon
v8 - says will send a free product coupon
duncan hines
always - sent an email thanking
betty crocker
bumblebee tuna

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