Monday, October 6, 2008


I've been busy this past week setting up for the yard sale I had friday and saturday. I only sold my stockpile stuff and made just over $700 dollars!! WOOHOO! :)

I just relaxed and sorted through my coupons and get my deals together for when I ran errands today.

Walgreens Order #1
2 Fantasik Cleaners $2/5
Oral B toothbrush - $1.99 x2
Crest Toothpaste - $1.99 x 2
Glade refill - $1.99 x 1
Pert Shampoo - $5.99 x 2
Total - $26.93

Coupons used
$1 off Fantasik coupon x 2
$.75 cent off oral b toothbrush x 2
$1 off crest toothpaste x 2
$2 off pert shampoo x 2
$1 off glade refill x 1
Wags coupons used
$2.50 pert x 2
$1 oral b x 2
$1 crest toothpaste x 2

Total oop was $10.32 which i paid with a GC and will get back $3 in rebates

Walgreens Order #2
Trick or treat bags - $.39 cents each
Halloween Puzzles 3/$1
$30 walgreens gift card

Paid with RRs and total out of pocket was $1.90 and will get $3 rebate on my W card.

CVS Order #1
Bic Soleil Razors - $5.99 x 4
Viatmin Water - $2.29 x1
Always pads - $4.98 x 1
Colgate toothpaste - $2.99 x 2
Total was $37.21

Used the following coupons
Bic Soleil - $2 x 4
Always pads - $3 x 1
Colgate Toothpaste - $1 x 2

and used the following ECBS - $5.79, $5, $4, $4, $2, and $2 Equaling $22.79 in ECBs
Total out of pocket was $2.34. Got back $27.27 in ECBs

CVS Order #2
Tylenol - $6 x 2
Motrin - $8 x 1
2 packs of candy as fillers .79 and .50 cents each

Used a $2, $2, and $1 off coupon and an $16 ECB
Total out of pocket was .61 cents

Got back $10 in ECBs
CVS Order #3
Always - $4.98 x 1
Used a $4.98 ECB and total was .00. Got back $4.98 in ECB


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. You always get such great deals. You're an inspiration.
I'd be interested in knowing if you have a set budget each month for groceries. Do you try to stay under a certain dollar amount? How much do you think you spend each month on health and beauty products AND groceries? Have you ever tracked for an entire month how much you spend versus how much the actual retail price would have been without store discounts and coupons??
Maybe you can do a post on this in the future to inspire others to stick to a budget.
Keep up the good work!

NicoleakaMama said...

I dont really have a set budget, some weeks i spend alittle more if there is a good deal and some weeks i dont. I do noticed that my grocery bill has been cut in half since all this started. I probably spend 250 a month on groceries for a family of 4. And I hardly spend anything on health and beauty items.. I would say $50 a month, if that. I'll have to keep track of it and see.
Thanks for the comments :)