Sunday, October 26, 2008

kmart super double

The Kmart was doing a double coupon up to $2 and this is my haul.

5 bottles of vasline lotion for men
4 bottles of dove shampoo/conditioner
1 can of enddust
3 cans of oust
4 bottles of glade carpet freshner
4 glade candles
1 kids crest toothpaste
2 tums smoothies
2 tylenol
2 advil pm
1 sure
7 packs of pantyhose

4 bottles of glade fabric freshner
4 nail polish
1 bic razors
4 tins of altoids
4 various revlon beauty tools
4 packs of dog treats
2 frebreze air affects

Total before coupons - $204
After - $40.xx
After I got in the car, I noticed they rang up 2 items but wouldnt take coupons for it and didnt take it off. And one of the items rang up wrong but I didn't want to deal with the hassle of going back in line and waiting. It was CROWDED.

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