Friday, May 4, 2012

Garage Clean out

I've had several things on my to do list that I was wanting to complete soon.

Clean out Garage
Clean out basement
Get stuff together and tagged for yard sale
Clean out hall closet and linen closet.
Sell the pool
put some things on craigslist and cheapcycle.

My today's to do was to clean out the garage.  It took me 5 hours to clean it out all while chasing a toddler.  Thank goodness he napped for 2 hours today so I could do it with no interruptions. 

Before - I'm embarrassed to be showing this to everybody

Before - Left side of the garage

Before - Right side of the garage

This is after.  While I was cleaning the garage, someone came and bought the pool so that free a good chunk of the garage space right away.

After - Left Side

After - Right Side

Another view of the right side.

Another view of the left side
See how nice and clean it all is!!  You can actually walk around in it without having to climb over everything. I filled about 6 black trash bags full of trash.  I even went around the room and swept all the cobwebs from the ceiling and floors.

Yard Sale Pile
I've already got a good chunk of the yard sale stuff together and ready to go.  These are already priced and tagged because its leftovers from previous yard sales or returns/rejects from the consignment sale.


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