Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I have TONS going on for the month of May.  My kids only have 11 more days left of school.  So we have all the end of the school activities to deal with as well as normal everyday things. 

My middle son has baseball practice every Tuesday and games every Saturday.  Then we have his Kindergarten Graduation Tuesday evening.  Then all the 3rd graders is having an award ceremony and then a class party afterwards so I'll have to go to that as well.  Then the whole school is having a field day that Friday. And my kids of course want me to watch them during field day.  So that would mean I would be at the school from 830ish till 2, since my son will be doing it from 830-11 and my daughter will do hers from 1130-2.  That's going to make for a long day, especially with an 2 year old.  

I've got to some how find time to get teacher gifts.  I have an cute idea of what I'm going to give them.  I will post that another day when I have it completed.  I will have to do 3 teacher gifts and 1 bus driver gift.
In the middle of all this, me and my husband will both have a birthday.  We will turn the big 3-0.  I'm thinking of having a cookout here at my house to celebrate it.  

The last day of school is May 23rd and I'm going to take me and the kids to visit my family for about 2 weeks. We are leaving May 24th.  


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